02 Mar
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HB1 Call To Action – We Need Your Help!

HB1 Passes The Committee, Now On To The Senate Floor!

We Still Need Your Help!

On Thursday, March 19th the Health and Human Services Committee passed HB1, almost in its entirety, to move onto the Senate floor. We are grateful to the Senate members, Rep. Allen Peak & Rep. Micah Gravely, Georgia’s Hope, the Cloud family and all the families who took the time to rally at the Capitol over the past several weeks.

The fight is not quite over, SB185 amended with HB1 still must go to the Senate for a vote. We still need your help in asking your Senator to support this bill. See our sample letter if you need help getting started.

Here you can find your Senator’s contact information and a sample letter.

Help Us Say Thank You!

We want to thank Senator Renee Underman for leading the committee to not only educate themselves on this bill, but also taking the time to research, hear stories and personal testimonies.  Please join us in sending these committee members a note of gratitude for their support.

Health Committee Members

Renee Unterman, Chairman (404)463-1368 [email protected]
Chuck Hustetler, Vice Chairman (404)656-0034 [email protected]
Fran Millar, Secretary (404)463-2260 [email protected]
Dean Burke, Member (404)656-0040 [email protected]
Gloria Butler, Member (404)656-0075 [email protected]
Bill Cowsert, Member (404)463-1366 [email protected]
Steve Henson, Member (404)656-0085 [email protected]
Judson Hill, Member (404)656-0150 [email protected]
Lester Jackson, Member (404)463-5261 [email protected]
Greg Kirk, Member (404)463-5258 [email protected]
William Ligon, Member (404)656-0045 [email protected]
Nan Orrock, Member (404)463-8054 [email protected]
David Shafer, Member (404)656-0048 [email protected]
Ben Watson, Member (404)656-7880 [email protected]