13 Mar
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Youth & Teen Programs

Take Charge of the Facts: Teens and Epilepsy

Being a teen is always difficult as it is an important transitional point in your life. Suddenly you are nearing adulthood and are faced with major decisions concerning the five D’s…. drinking, dating, drugs, disclosure and depression.

Recognizing the importance of this period in a teen with epilepsy’s life, the Epilepsy Foundation has instituted the Take Charge of the Facts: Teens and Epilepsy program. This program is made possible by an educational grant from the CarMax Foundation, and it features a DVD, a moderator’s guide and other materials designed where a group of teens can implement the program through their peers. We are targeting teen centers, church youth groups, medical centers that offer teen-specific care, such as counseling.

Epilepsy 101: Coping with Seizures in a College Environment

The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia is excited to offer an educational program specifically for teens and young adults in a college environment! Epilepsy 101 is targeted towards college campus staff, including medical and health center staff members, resident advisors, and other members of the college community that serve as caregivers to students on campus living with epilepsy. Epilepsy 101 will discuss the how the transitions of college affect students with epilepsy, and the necessary lifestyle adjustments they will need to take to cope with epilepsy and seizures in their new environment. The program will address the influence that stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol and drugs, and other lifestyle changes in college have on seizures.

This educational program will consist of a presentation from an EFGA staff member or volunteer, as well as a brief look at proper seizure first aid and recognition.

If you are interested in scheduling an Epilepsy 101 session at your institute, please contact us at (404) 527-7155 or [email protected].

Epilepsy 101 is open to colleges and universities in the state of Georgia only. Download the Epilepsy 101 Guide for college students.