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chloeI have epilepsy and so does my sister. My parents urged me to get involved in the foundation, and since then I have been very involved in advocacy for people with epilepsy. I even got to go to Washington, DC to the […]


courtneyMy name is Courtney and I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was twelve. I am very excited about the Youth Council and I want to be a voice of hope to those who are connected to this disorder. I know that […]


delaneySince I have epilepsy, I feel that I connect really well with people to educate them about seizures. I hope to give people a new perspective about the disorder, as there is a lot of stigma attached to it. Being on the […]


emmaMy name is Emma and I was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 15. On this council, I hope to raise awareness about this condition, as many have very minimal knowledge of it. I’ve decided to go to medical school to become a […]


I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was seven years old. It is one of my goals to become a role model for kids who have just been diagnosed with epilepsy, so that they know they can be successful and enjoy life.


kayleeI hope that being a part of this council will help me develop more self-confidence, as it is tough to deal with epilepsy. By working with others with the disorder, I hope to learn more so I can help others to deal […]


mariaI had my first seizure at 18 months however; I was not diagnosed till I was 8-9. My epilepsy has not been as bad as others which I am a very thankful for. In the EFGA youth council I would like more […]


samanthaSamantha is a sophomore at The Weber School in Atlanta Georgia. She is very active in community service projects; she has a passion for helping people.  She also has a love for tennis and track. Samantha lost her brother when she was […]


taylorI was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and I am not letting it slow me down. I’m very outgoing and ready to make a difference in the lives of others. As a part of the Youth Council I hope to create a greater […]


AMR HD SHOTMy name is Tony and I have Juvenile Epilepsy.  I began experiencing my battle with Epilepsy at the age of 12.  Earlier this year, it was determined that I also have ADHD.  I found this news to be devastating at first; however, I found […]