27 Mar
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WebEase Now Available

webease_logoWebEase (Web Epilepsy, Awareness, Support and Education) was developed by a team of Emory University researchers and physicians who treat persons with epilepsy. The program does not tell you what to do, rather it guides you toward making decisions on taking your medications, managing stress and getting a good night’s sleep. You are encouraged to make decisions consistent with your own goals.

The program has three interactive modules:

  • medication taking
  • stress management
  • sleep management

Each module lets you read information, respond to questions and receive feedback from your answers. On-line testimonials from others with epilepsy help to reinforce your behaviors and set goals based on your particular needs.

MyLog is another component of the program which provides you with a personal journal you can use to track your seizures, medication, stress and sleep patterns and in turn to receive personalized feedback on how this may improve your coping skills with epilepsy. WebEase is for anyone living with epilepsy who is interested in improving their self management skills regardless of where they are in life, or have lived with epilepsy. The program can be especially helpful for newly diagnosed patients. We invite you to try WebEase, as it will support you in your personal journey to improve your epilepsy self- management at the times when you need it most.

To sign up for WebEase today, go to www.webease.org.