20 May
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Travel Safely This Summer

Safety Tips for Your Summer Trip

Summer has arrived, and for many of us that means an upcoming flight, drive or train ride for a well- deserved vacation. It is a time to relax and enjoy seeing old friends. As you begin packing, remember these seizure safety tips for your trip:

1) Always remember to pack your seizure medications. They should always be in your carry-on luggage. Don’t put medication in checked baggage, as you may need access to it and checked bags often times get misplaced or sent to the wrong destination.

2) If you have a rescue medication, have it readily available. You may have a seizure in a remote location where 911 assistance may not be close by.

3) If you will be traveling through multiple time zones, make out a chart reflecting the changes so your medication dosage times remain consistent.

4) Before leaving town, make sure you have an adequate supply of your meds to get you through your trip. Getting a prescription refilled outside of your state of residence can be difficult. Also be sure to have an extra day or two supply in case of flight delays due to weather.

5) Travel with someone who knows about your seizures and what to do in case you have one occur. It is more fun to travel with others than alone, and they may be able to provide important information to the medical staff or first responders if you do have a seizure.

6) If you have a seizure service animal, make sure the airlines, bus lines and hotels/motels know about it ahead of time. The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees access to all public and transportation establishments for service animals. By calling ahead you lessen the possibility of a long discussion or argument at check- in.

7) Wear a seizure alert bracelet. This can save valuable time if you are in an unfamiliar city and first responders or bystanders come to your aid. This allows them to know what your medical situation is so they can respond appropriately.

8) Don’t drive if you are having frequent seizures… it is not worth endangering the lives of yourself, your family or others on the road. Also check the driving laws for persons with seizures in the states you are traveling through or to. The can differ from state to state. (The Georgia law is 6 months seizure-free, while other state may be 12 months).

9) Try to keep your drives/flights to a reasonable length of time. Sleep deprivation and jet lag can heighten your risk of seizures. Try to take a nap on the plane.

10) If you are going abroad make sure your insurance will cover you in foreign countries. You can always find trip insurance companies that will have policies to cover medical issues in a specific country.

Most importantly, remember to relax and have a good time…. Vacations can lessen stress, depression and sense of isolation many people with epilepsy experience.

Happy Travels!

If you need a copy of the Travel Safely infographic to keep with you or you need a medic alert bracelet, give us a call! (404)527-7155 We will be happy to get these items to you to help ensure a safe and happy summer!