05 Nov
  • By Aly Clift
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Our New Look

epilepsyga_logo_websiteAbout Our New Look… When you checked into the EFGA homepage you might have noticed a new look atop the masthead. For the first time in 16 years we have updated the logo, both at the National and local level. We’ve retained the flame logo but updated it to represent acceleration and motion. The colors give a nod to the past with the red from our previous version, while acknowledging the international adoption of purple as the representative color for epilepsy awareness. The new font represents the BOLD and aggressive stance EFGA is taking to make a difference for people living with epilepsy. The status quo in education, awareness, civil rights and available therapies must end, as we move forward with a revitalized spirit to be the unwavering ally for the nearly 3 million Americans with a seizure disorder. The new logo was introduced on November 1 to coincide with the beginning of National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM). Locally the logo premiered at the Emory Epilepsy Symposium to favorable reviews. You will still see the old red flame logo on some of our print materials from time to time, as we want to be financially prudent in exhausting our current inventory of brochures and fact sheets before printing items bearing the new logo.