14 Jan
  • By Aly Clift
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EFGA Board President’s Statement from HB1 Press Conference

On Tuesday, January 13th the Georgia Assembly convened with the first bill of the year being HB1, regarding medical cannabis oil. EFGA Board of Director’s president Bonnie Leadbetter spoke at the press conference regarding the medical cannabis oil bill.

2015-01-13 - Press Conference - Bonnie“The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia supports patients and their family’s right to find the best treatments. We are pleased to see some progress on the legalization of medical cannabis oil in Georgia, but are disappointed with the recent proposal to limit the legislation to decriminalization. This is like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. As a result, Georgia families are at risk of breaking federal laws by having to go out of state to receive their medication. Many that have moved to states like Colorado will likely stay there instead of returning home to Georgia.

Personally, as a parent of a child with epilepsy and a lifelong Georgian, I’m upset at the lack of urgency with which this issue is being addressed. Recent polls show that an overwhelming number of the citizens in this state are supportive of the legalization of medical cannabis oil. To that end we appreciate the Governor’s willingness to address this issue before the session. However, we need our representatives to go one step further and implement a professional, in-state medical cannabis program so our Georgia families can treat their loved ones at home. We must end the needless suffering these children are being forced to endure because of our unwillingness to act.”