November’s Featured Stories: Kaitlin

We became parents nearly 8 years ago to our beautiful daughter Kaitlyn. Every new parent cliché came true that day. Over the next nine months we began to see that Kaitlyn was not acting like children her age. She was not reaching her developmental milestones and exhibited signs that appeared to seizure-like-activity. Read More


WebEase Now Available

WebEase (Web Epilepsy, Awareness, Support and Education) was developed by a team of Emory University researchers and physicians who treat persons with epilepsy. The program does not tell you what to do, rather it guides you toward making decisions on taking your medications, managing stress and getting a good night’s sleep.


#1 in 26 Merchandise is Here

We’re kicking off epilepsy awareness month with new #1 in 26 items for you to help show your support and spread the word. Check out the new t-shirts, stickers and wristbands, easy to purchase and shipped right to your door.

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By making a donation to the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia, you bring hope to the more than 150,000 Georgians affected by epilepsy.

There are several ways you can donate:

  • Donate online via secure server here
  • Contact our office by e-mail at epilepsy@epilepsyga.org.
  • Call us toll free at (800) 527-7105 to make donation arrangements or learn more about the benefits of becoming a major donor
Your donation enables us to increase the quality of life for people with epilepsy through our many programs and services.

  • You allow us to educate people with epilepsy, their friends, family and loved ones.
  • You empower us to be a vigorous advocate for people with epilepsy.
  • You help us to increase awareness for epilepsy, pushing towards eliminating the stigma still associated with this condition.

Thanks for making a difference!

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